RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 Episode 1 Review

Truly, the queens of Season 8 are both beautiful and graceful.

Format: Welcome back everyone! In case you missed it, I made my Meet the Queens post on Tumblr so you can get my initial thoughts on this season’s queens [Here].

There’s not a whole lot to say about this episode besides YES. Yes to to bringing back the past winners (minus Bianca which my guess is it had to do with the filming of Hurricane Bianca), having the queens do a past episode’s design challenge, and RuPersizing not just this episode but the next one as well. For a show that’s looking to recover some ground after last season’s failure to gag they’re really starting off strong.

Also, who says Battle of the Seasons is the only place we can see the full array of the Queens’ talents?

Too bad there wasn’t a second ball needed because I had my heart set on seeing Willam pull it out of Miles Davis Moody’s ass; [I mean it’s a thing she does]. Well, suppose that’s another dream dashed thanks to Willam being the Adrienne Curry of Drag Race.

Moving on, let’s talk about some of the queens we were introduced to this episode (Worth noting that while I don’t discuss Acid Betty, Bob the Drag Queen, Kim Chi, Naomi Smalls, or Chi Chi DeVayne, I’m definitely a fan of them…well Chi Chi not a fan per se as of yet but she’s growing on me):

Ever since I saw Cynthia Lee Fontaine‘s Meet the Queens segment, I’ve been trying to figure out why she seems so familiar. I knew it was an actress and I knew she was a bit older, but couldn’t figure it out until this episode so here it is: [The teacher in Donnie Darko].

Which is not even intended as shade, I just can’t unsee it. I mean am I alone here?

Dax!– Where the hell was she? Maybe I’m biased because of my love for a cosplay queen, but I was definitely miffed by how little camera time she got this episode. Especially because I found her Meet the Queens immediately engaging; I mean it certainly provided me with commentary [Here and Here].

Anyway, for anyone who’s fascinated by Dax!’s flaw-free Storm cosplay, I’ve put a post together compiling the different versions of Storms she serves [Here].

Derrick Barry– Let me tell you something:

Sometimes I run.

Sometimes I hide.

Sometimes I get fucking exhausted by Derrick Barry’s storyline and it’s only episode 1.

Like I get that:

But we don’t need to hear about it every five minutes. Like I’m pretty sure I heard about Derrick needing to show something besides Britney at least five or six times this episode, and I already dread hearing about it even a single time more because I already don’t give a shit about this aspect of her story. I’d much rather hear about what it’s like being inside [Nebraska Thunderfuck].

Laila McQueen– My favorite thing about Laila by far is the stripper-y quality she has to her because I find it incredibly endearing when a Drag Race queen looks like she could also be competing for the heart of Bret Michaels.

Also, she’s so fucking hot out of drag and out of clothes [The next two images are NSFW in case ‘out of clothes’ wasn’t enough of a tip]:

Geezus I love this body type. [But don’t call her a daddy.] Also, twinks, it’s about time you learned what a [daddy actually is].

Luckily, I’m not alone in this opinion as Thorgy definitely agrees:

This scene may or may not be a fabrication that I created by copy and pasting frames of unrelated moments. Which really just qualifies me to edit the show.

While I do agree that Laila’s being the Bottom 2 is a crock of shit considering as a look hers definitely was one of the better ones; certainly more appealing than Robbie or Cynthia’s creations. However, to be fair, she only made the blazer; everything else was already made versus Robbie, Cynthia, and Naomi all completely made their awful looks. But then to counterpoint that again, Laila’s blazer definitely took more costume-making skills than Robbie or Naomi’s outfits.

Naysha Lopez– Jesus, get into it, gurl.

It’s really fitting that the queen I deemed a cliche is the one who went out by uttering the worst cliche of all. I mean at this point it takes fucking balls to stand on the main stage of Drag Race and tell the judges that you don’t sew.

Concerning Robbie Turner and her disastrous dress that beyond all reason managed to evade landing her in the Bottom 2, I will say that we didn’t quite see the whole, finished look:

Because talk about having a chip on your shoulder.

Like the woman is giving you old time-y aesthetic in the form of acting like someone who was alive then but how they are today via giving you curmudgeon realness.

Not that I’m really complaining because after last year’s parade of youthful indifference and self absorption I’d much rather have Miss Cranky in the group dynamic.

Also, it’s not out of the realm of the possibility that I’m just not quite getting her shtick thanks to my youth and inexperience because in case you didn’t know:

Nobody Understands Robbie Turner

Whether or not I review this whole season, I will admit that it’ll be hard to resist ribbing this one because queen makes it easy.


Thorgy Thor– Drunk in love with Thorgy.

It’s hard not to be immediately enamored with a queen who seems to live in a state of perpetual affability as it really helps balance the mass of egos this season has collected.

The best part about Thorgy’s easygoing and pleasant nature is that it makes it all the more damning when she identifies someone as an asshole [as we’ll see next week]. My only wish for Mama Thorgy this season is that she at some point gets into a fight with someone.

And that’s all for this week, be sure to catch next week’s episode as we’re teased with the [“mysterious” phone call] that Ru makes. Perhaps I’m already blowing it out of proportion, but I seriously hope it’s the reveal of an additional queen joining this season because I’ve been skeptical of there being just 12 queens ever since it was announced.

If that were the case, I know everyone would probably assume it was one of the speculated queens who didn’t end up being on the show, Skarlet Starlet, but I have my hopes set on a different kind of queen:


For anyone who’s not familiar with the delightful enigma that is Christeene, here’s [her episode of Transformations].

If anyone thinks I’m just fucking around for a joke here let me just say: Fuck no.

I think Christeene would be the most entertaining addition to this tightly wound show. Quite frankly, I think her irreverent attitude and pillowcase couture could take her far. How far you might ask?

Ok, maybe not that far, but seriously, even though it’ll never happen, Christeene’s presence on this show would thrill me to no end.

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2 Responses to RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 Episode 1 Review

  1. Raf says:

    I love your reviews. Your wit and sense of humor are way better than what’s seen in recaps by renown outlets that actually get paid for it. I am super lazy for writing comments, but I hope I encourage more of your many readers to do the same so that you know that we are expecting a weekly RPDG review please!! Yes, you should be an editor at WOW.

  2. Please continue the reviews!!!!!

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