RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 – Episode 7 Review

Whoops I guess I just spoiled how they’re going to do the crowning with that last line.

This week’s review is going to be different as instead of commenting on each queen to talk about the episode I’m just going to go through a list of talking points. So here goes:

1. My reaction to this season’s Snatch Game is:

Because nothing gets me to shake my tits quite like a solid Snatch Game that also serves to redeem some of the criticisms of this season. It was impressive how many queens did well; I mean on a lesser season, like oh say the 2-minute Snatch Game from Season 5, middle-of-the-pack queens like Pearl’s Big Ang would have easily won.

Concerning Kennedy’s risk-taking Little Richard, that was some Tatianna level out-of-left-field shit considering Kennedy’s interview/everyday charisma is virtually non-existent. Speaking of gender-bending risks that Kennedy took:

2. Like, queen, where the f is your top wig?

Because no matter how good your hairline is, men’s hairlines will nine times out of ten look like men’s hairlines.

3. Really, Queens? We have all that time to awkwardly splice together scenes with Max’s corset (more on that in a minute) but we don’t have time to air  more than two sentences from potentially the most beloved Drag Race winner?

4. Having a bitch of a problem? Stank-B-Gone is made from happiness and good will towards others to repel that unwanted bitch in your life so she doesn’t get to see you next Tuesday!

Also, this is a cute friendship that’s developing between the two of them although it leaves me with that age-old question: Who is the Mary and who is the Rhoda?

5. This was pretty illuminating concerning the awkward scene with Max and her corset:

What the hell did Max do to the editing team that made them be so shady to her? Like that’s shadier than that one time Barbra Streisand stole one of Oprah’s mics and had it spray-painted so that it matched her color scheme.

Like damn, guys, why not just go for the gold and splice in when she took a break for lunch with everyone and show it as if she literally was so over it she just went to eat? Whatever, it’s unfortunate, but I have to say bitterness is a good look for Max:

6. I’d like to think that this isn’t a filter but literally how Max is perceived in the world outside of Drag Race like she’s that character who despite the fact that it’s a sunny day she’s perpetually lit like she’s in a noir film.

7. Pearl’s giving Fame a run for her money in the category of serving face.

8. Also, another unexpected element that the new Untucked gives us is the people who happen to be outside when the queens go out for a smoke:

9. All right so time to discuss the most important part of this past episode: The decision to bring back another queen which I am all for if it’s done right. With the right queen. Even though we don’t know yet who that is.

In order to obtain that information, I’ve enlisted the help of a psychic. Since Raven Simone is clearly not the psychic to turn to in these delicate matters, I enlisted the help of someone more qualified:

Anyway, not that it matters because we all know who I’m hoping is resurrected:

10. Let us pray that she returns.

Here’s the thing: I want Trixie back, but only if’s done correctly. Which is by not only bringing her back, but also keeping her around past one episode because as we all know that, in the past, returned queens almost always come back for only one episode just to justify having another episode.

More importantly, how great would it be to have Trixie in the game for the long haul? Not only because I think she’d be great TV but also a great aid in turning around the perception that this season is all look and no talent (which is needed now more than ever with another strong player getting the boot).

However, even more importantly is that there would be no tension like the tension felt by all the queens in seeing Trixie get towards the finish line. I mean, in case you missed this past Celebrity Big Brother UK with Michelle Visage, the winner of that season was Katie Price who entered the house ten days into the season and that was the cause of a lot of controversy. Wouldn’t that controversy be a great fuel for Untucked?

In the end, the whole thing is already said and done and all that remains is to wait and see if the Trixie outrage was as planned as everyone suspected.

However, I do enjoy that Logo is having people vote on it with #BringBackMyQueen as if whatever outcome happens will have any effect on Monday’s reveal. Like bitch this is not Doctor Who, this shit already happened six months ago and it’s going to stay that way. Although the voting has resulted in one interesting find:

11. What the fuck is this shit? You cannot tell me Kandy has garnered more loyal fans than Max considering Max had two lines the first episode and people were already losing their shit over her.

I don’t know what to say on this; Raven can you help a bitch out?

And that’s all for this week, tune in next week for the results of the returning queen as I either rejoice wholeheartedly or set fire to everything that World of Wonder loves and holds dear.

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2 Responses to RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 – Episode 7 Review

  1. pony says:

    Awww I loved the recap (as usual), but this was the right time to comment about each queen sepparately! Three out of eight (this time there were only 8 people in the game, instead of last year’s 10) characters were male, and two of those were previous contestants… I mean, everybody did a good job, but I was a bit let down by the lack of characters (Little Richard was great, maybe my favorite Snatch Game winner ever).

  2. ReganWrite says:

    Mmm, I wanted to do more, but ultimately, I got scheduled to work a lot during the time I write my reviews so I ended up having to rush a bit this time around which is why my latest ones a little late. But thanks, I’m glad you like them!

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