RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 – Episode 6 Review

What a week it’s been with all the drama and horror that ensued; ready to talk about it?

Then come on in under the cut.

Format: Another season, another Go Go Boy mini-challenge, and another Go Go boy I single out as my meaty fantasy. This season we have BJ because:

Hello, what a gorgeous slab of meat. He had me going like:

Concerning the challenge, kudos to the challenge producers for calling to the continuity of the show by bringing back Merle, and then more importantly, creating a challenge that could be a consistent challenge with such themes as ‘Whatever Happened to Lil Poundcake,’ ‘What Did Willam REALLY Do,’ and perhaps, ‘Why Are There No Drag Queen Judges on Drag Race’ starring unflattering takes on Jackie Beat and Chi Chi LaRue. Oh, gurl, imagine if they did ‘Why Did DWV Breakup’ on whatever season Vicky gets on.

Anyway, let’s talk about some queens:

With this week’s runway theme being, “Death Becomes Her’ I thought I’d further the terror by casting the queens as horror movies.

Ginger Minj– And be sure to look out for the sequel Bride of Ginger starring Lil’ Poundcake.

Concerning this week’s Untucked, whatever, my only real irritation with the shit-talking was Ginger or Kennedy thinking they had a leg to stand on going after people’s looks when they were giving Party City realness.

However, that being said, the shade did not dissuade me from thinking Ginger deserves to be here considering I think her performance this challenge was hands-down the funniest and most deserving of the win  which is not to say Katya didn’t do well but Ginger really impressed me.

Additionally, concerning Ginger’s shadyness, Katya did have some particularly illuminating words to say on this past Untucked [Here].

Also, in terms of her costume:

Jaidynn Diore Fierce– It’s The Eye meets Tammy Faye! Jaidynn received eye transplants from an anonymous donor and now she’s cursed with the uncanny inability to stop crying.

Here’s the thing: It’s not that I don’t sympathize with Jaidynn’s nerves and stress, every queen speaks to how difficult the show is, but in terms of rooting for her, I find it difficult considering her storyline is mostly her getting upset or other times being vaguely sassy. However, with Snatch Game on the way, potentially working alone will finally give her a chance to shine and pull out of this.

Kandy Ho– Watch out, kids, she’ll passive aggressive you to death.

Also, in reaction to this week’s elimination:You might say if you were a Kandy Ho fan to which I reply, “Ho Yes.”

Is there anything more to say besides it was about time? Again, even despite her sass to Pearl this episode, I don’t think she’s an evil queen, but one who wasn’t ready for the challenges that went beyond lipsyncing, dancing, and serving looks. Which, y’know, there are these things called previous seasons that help let you know how to prepare. I mean, I don’t even think she quite knew how to sell herself if her signoff in Untucked is any indication: (“You’ve only had a taste of this candy, but… soon… you’ll be tasting some more…”).

Also, mildly related to her:

I love how he just snuck up there. Into my heart.

Oh my goodness, now I just keep racing to turn every corner I see in hopes that he’ll suddenly breeze in to guide me to a waiting bed. Or a porta potty; whatever, when you look like that it’s wherever isn’t in front of people or actively on fire.

Katya– Not the first time Katya’s been told she’s more than a mouthful.

With this season, it’s hard to know which way things will go with each queen having clear weaknesses which doesn’t compare great to last season where the queens came across more readily as powerhouses. However, I do believe at this point in the game, Katya is the most believable winner considering her comedic talent, lipsync prowess, and of the older queens with an act, she appears to be the most fashionable (though we’ve been seeing a lot single color sequin outfits lately).

Moreover, she understands that winning Drag Race means actively winning the fans as the show airs and that means giving them something independent of Drag Race they can chew on. Which for her comes in the form of [her Youtube channel] where she fulfills every fans greatest desire: spilling the behind the scenes T of Drag Race.

Oh and then she also gave us this reaction:

That awful moment when queens are talking so much bullshit you can actually smell it.

Kennedy Davenport– I can’t imagine what the workroom must’ve been like with Kennedy running around like this with Miss Fame in hot pursuit using all of her best chicken clucks in attempts to communicate with her.

Concerning her shadyness this episode, I think it goes without saying that those living in glass chicken coops shouldn’t throw stones.

Max- It’s funny how close Michelle came to zeroing in on the real problem with Max and yet somehow went five inches above it because frankly, the gray wig deal would be a problem if it were the same wig every time. However, giving us different hairstyles means she gives enough variety where I’m satisfied with the gray hair theme.

To me, I think Max’s main issue is that she doesn’t try different things with her eye makeup which is where the real redundancy occurs and it detracts from her presentation because it seems clear that she’s capable of giving even more.

Anyway, this episode of Untucked we got layers of Max especially during the first five minutes with Ginger saying that Max’s apparent pacifism is potentially an act. Even though she does seem to embody wholesome with ease:

And speaking of layers:

Oh and when Merle was talking about vampires being played out? Not actually talking to Kandy…

Also, did anyone catch during the exchange with Violet on Ginger’s shade how Max dropped her accent? I love it when this shit happens like every time Paris Hilton drops back down 30 octaves I’m glued because you know she’s getting real.

Miss Fame-Don’t feed us that “caught by the wife” bull, Fame, we all know what it really was.

Concerning Miss Fame striking out on the, “How’s you head?” joke not once but twice, I just have to note that she’s clearly a slave to the music playing through her head. Luckily, here at ReganWrite I have an exclusive as to exactly what said music is. See for yourself:

Moreover, did anyone notice the repeated use of this reaction to note Miss Fame’s ditsyness?

Pearl– Seriously, beware of Starbooty kRueger.

It’s nice to see that Pearl’s managed to get herself back on her feet, but it means now she’s going to have to constantly deliver or we’re never going to here the end of sleep metaphors. Ready to never sleep again, Pearl?


Violet Chachki– I feel like even her skeletal remains are going to boast the thinnest spinal column ever.

In light of this episode’s reversal, it was weird to see Violet not be the shadiest tree in the forest this episode. I do have to wonder if the younger, fashionable queens all getting shit this past Untucked will lead to their really banding together which I am all about.

Mainly because I just like Violet having a solid target for her shade considering the side eye she gave this episode was so severe it gave me whiplash:

In other news, I just caught wind of this:

Of course, her referring to Drag Race as a, “spoof” really shows that she hasn’t seen the show at all considering comparing the shows is like apples and deluxe, superior, vastly more talented apples, but whatever, I want this guest spot to happen.

Tyra even comes with her own lipsync song! Everyone remember, “Shake Ya Body?”

The only problem I see here is figuring out who to defer to for the ultimate decision; it’s gonna be like the final scene in Air Bud where the dog has to choose between the awful clown who used to own him and the nurturing current owner.

And that’s all for this week, tune in next week for Snatch Game! Max, are you excited?

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3 Responses to RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 – Episode 6 Review

  1. headdivaincharge says:

    Jsyk, BJ is former randy blue porn model Ash Taylor. You are welcome.

  2. ReganWrite says:

    I know this is coming in late but: THANK. YOU.

  3. Luke says:

    Lol these are hilarious! I randomly found this on Google, but it’s been fun revisting season 7 with bad photoshop and unnecessary shade.

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